Current Teaching

In autumn 2015, I taught the graduate course Public Ethics, which examines a variety of debates in moral, political, and legal philosophy related to the justification of public policy. Our topics include the nature of crime, drug policy, hate speech, criminal punishment, the death penalty, racial profiling, mass data surveillance, political protest, and the ethics of war. Throughout the course, we consider not only the appropriate conduct of legislators, but also that of police officers, civil servants, soldiers, and ordinary voters.

In spring 2016, I taught the graduate course Equality, Justice, and Difference, which examines a series of questions in political philosophy about how societies should respond to different forms of diversity, and how they should remedy various forms of structural injustice. Topics include public reason, religious accommodation, the nature of oppression, affirmative action, political quotas, deliberative democracy, group rights, and libertarian, egalitarian and feminist critiques of multiculturalism.

In the autumn of 2016, I will once again teach Public Ethics. In spring 2017, I will be introducing new two courses: a graduate course on The Ethics of Counter-Terrorism, and an undergraduate course on Normative Methods for the students in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program.

Past Teaching

Before UCL, I taught four undergraduate courses at the University of Essex: Ethics & Public Policy, Problems of Global Justice, Liberalism and its Critics, and Politics and Power: Foundations of Political Philosophy. I also designed an interdisciplinary seminar series entitled THINK, open to all students at the university, which discussed current events with visiting speakers.

At Oxford, I taught tutorials for most of the political theory courses in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program, including Theorizing the Democratic State, Theory of Politics, Political Thought from Plato to Rousseau, and Political Thought from Bentham to Weber.


December 8, 2016
“The end of mass incarceration?: The moral purpose of prison”
UCL Lunch Hour Lectures

Watch my talk on the moral purpose of prison.


November 5, 2014
“Let’s disagree morally” at the TEDx event at the University of Essex.

Watch my TEDx talk on the ethics of democratic debate.