See below for some examples of recorded interviews, talks, and conversations. 

“The Philosopher & the News: Dangerous Speech”

An interview with Alexis Papazoglou


“Prison Break”

A radio essay on BBC Radio 3


“Book Parts and Difficulty”

An episode on Free Thinking on BBC Radio 3

An extended conversation on the physical history of books, free speech, and the role of difficulty in life and language. I come on around 13:57 with a postcard on “challenging dangerous speech” and stay on for the rest of the conversation.


“Eye for an Eye”

Power Corrupts Podcast

An extended conversation on the moral justification of criminal punishment, and its implication for the death penalty. I come on around 14:45:”


“No Offense”

Hi-Fi Nation Podcast

A conversation on free speech and whether it protects hate speech.


“Dangerous Speech”

Watch my talk presenting some work-in-progress on dangerous speech to UCL students.

“The Right to Speak”

TED Radio Hour on National Public Radio

An interview on the limits of free speech and recent debates on university campuses.


“The Ethics of Paying Ransoms”

A short animation summarizing my argument from my article on this topic.

“The Moral Purpose of Prison”

UCL Lunch Hour Lectures

Watch my talk on the moral purpose of prison.

“The Ethics of Democratic Disagreement”

TEDx event